Everything you need to know about LinkedIn groups

Surely more than once, you have received a notification on LinkedIn in the message area. By clicking, you have seen that it is a person you do not know inviting you to a LinkedIn group. What’s this? Well, it is a tool that LinkedIn introduced a few years ago and united many professionals around an area of knowledge.

In the end, it works like any other internet group with people, but we are talking about the most important professional network in the world. Therefore, the topics will always be related to the work area.

Only members can view, post or comment within the LinkedIn group. 

To be accepted, an administrator must send a request; then, it will be the group administrator who accepts your request or not.

Once you are inside, the posts will appear on your timeline, and you will have an option on the left side of your screen to see the wall of publications.

LinkedIn groups

It can undoubtedly be an opportunity to promote your personal brand to the public’s top of mind. 

It is undoubtedly a good opportunity for companies to create a community around the service you offer, which is not the same as around your product.

And here is an example. If you dedicate yourself to financial advice, make a group where you talk about tricks to control the expenses of a company or how to be more productive but do not spam your services. 

Linkedin Groups for business 

The main advantage it has for your business is creating a community, but be careful because misuse can cause your brand to be associated with spam.

As we said before, create content around one or several topics, not about your brand.

Theme, not brand.

Don’t worry, here is a checklist as advice so you can create a LinkedIn group that adds value to your community:

Find what content your audience likes and populate the group based on that area.

The content has to have a benefit for your audience. They read us to learn, be entertained, or feel that they are updated. Add value or set aside.

Share new content. Your brand knows the recent trends in the sector.

References to your company must be minimal and with information that is intrinsically interesting to the reader. A service, a tool or content that you can apply to your life right now. Share content that your team members have created.

Build conversation. Those members talk, share experiences, network, and feel in company with people of the same interest.

What does creating a LinkedIn group bring to your company?

When you speak, others listen to you. When you listen, you learn from others.

In a LinkedIn group, you can learn infinitely if you observe what happens in it. Members of your same sector are talking to each other, and from there you can learn several things:

  • What interests them and what doesn’t.
  • What are your concerns?
  • What language do they use?
  • How they interact with each other.
  • What do they need in your sector?

The brand should focus on the “them” in a community and not the “me.”

Create your LinkedIn Group

You have already decided that you are interested in creating a LinkedIn group to create a community and learn more about your (potential) clients. You have already chosen the topic to which it is chosen. 

We are going to see step by step, according to LinkedIn, how you can create a group:

First, you have to go to the right side of the screen and select job. Among all the options, you will choose “Groups” and there create a group.

You will have to fill in a series of parameters:

  • Group name
  • Group logo
  • Description
  • The rules of the group. LinkedIn does not force you to fill them out, but obviously, you will want no one to insult each other or promote illegal activities.
  • Select the group membership

Hit create, and you’ve got it!

LinkedIn Group Rules

The rules of your LinkedIn group must be defined and precise. You want to create a respectful community where there is no disrespect, spam, or, depending on the case, the content is spread.

As thinking about it is a tedious process, here are some rules for you to choose the ones you need:

  • The group will have at least one moderator who has the power to decide what content can be removed for not complying with the group rules.
  • The moderator may expel from the group of people who do not comply with the rules described below.
  • Insults are not allowed in the chat.
  • No erotic or pornographic images are allowed.
  • Hateful images or expressions are not allowed.
  • The promotion of criminal activities is not allowed.
  • It is totally forbidden to spam in the chat.
  • The content of the posts cannot be disseminated.
  • Uploading the copyrighted content of third parties is prohibited.
  • Discussion of religious or political matters is not allowed.

A group that breaks the rules, disrespect is allowed or posting illegal content can be a problem for your company’s brand. Do not allow it and always take the necessary measures.

If the group’s rules are very clear, it is easier to set limits.

Are LinkedIn groups for business worth it?

Yes, it depends on the use you give it.

  • Focus on content instead of your company.
  • Listen and learn from the conversations that your customers generate.
  • Work to create a good environment where the discussion of topics is healthy.
  • Promote your employees in the group.
  • Networking and professional relationships are created between the members of the group.
Generate conversation in Linkedin groups

Without a doubt, the aspect that best suits your brand is that users talk and be able to interact with them. You create a friendly, close image that cares about your potential customers if they haven’t bought from you yet.

A group has a peak when it starts. Everyone talks, shares, and creates because it’s new. The new always creates excitement. But when the novelty curve wears off, there’s always something you can do to keep the group from being left speechless:

  • Do surveys.
  • Ask their opinion on a topic, a blog, or an event.
  • Start a debate (with respect and without touching the sensitive areas of society, religion, and politics).
  • Do stuff. Do not be afraid. They have decided to enter the group voluntarily. They expect you to add value. Don’t be afraid to be heavy, be frightened to be indifferent.
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