Public Cloud Service models

Public Cloud - Service models

On our previous publication, we read “What is Cloud? Concepts and Benefits”.

Now, once we know we can use the public cloud for our Information Systems needs, we see that there are different models and levels of responsibilities on administration of the different levels of components. These levels have the common postfix “aaS” that means “as a Service” because they are Services on Public clouds. Let’s take a look of the different components and how do they work.

As we have heard now, there is the analogy with having Pizza with the popular “Pizza as a Service”, there are new models on the market, so I decided to make a new analogy.

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What is Cloud? 

What is Cloud?

Nowadays, we all depend on data. We all have stored information about our bank, our friends and family, and our health. Even most of our conversations are now in writing via text, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, email, etc. But how is all this made possible? Well, we all hear and know that it is on the cloud. But what is the cloud and how does it work? How did it begin?

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Hispanic Professional Network: Your ticket to a Career Success

The Challenge of Moving to the United States

Moving to a new country can be a challenging experience, especially when building a career. Hispanic professionals without a strong network may struggle to find jobs, stay current on industry trends, and connect with mentors. That’s where a Hispanic professional network like “Hispanic Workforce” can make all the difference. We’ll explore why joining a professional network can help you overcome these challenges and achieve your goals.

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How to improve personal finance and save more money

personal finance

After going through the pandemic, many of us realized how important it is to “save money” and have a “financial education” but you may wonder, what does this mean, did I learn it in school? Yes, we were never taught how to manage our personal finances. Earning money is hard work, so you must take care of it in an effective and productive way. 

To create financial well-being, it is important to have a good relationship with money and be very patient. 

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Environmental consultant: One of the most demand jobs

That the revolution that we are experiencing in the labor sector is gigantic is not something that you will discover now with this post. It is a recurring theme in public conversation, and every day new jobs are found as the most demanded in the future. 

The environmental consultant is breaking into force as one of them, and in this post, you will discover why.

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Quick Intro to LinkedIn

The rapid growth of the technological landscape requires us to enhance digital skills; otherwise, we would miss out on valuable personal and career development tools. This is the case of LinkedIn, a social network created in 2003 to establish connections between professionals. The platform accounts for 260 million active members,mostly university students, and graduates. However, it remains one of the least used networks among people with a basic educational level. This results in different social and economic problems, such as the lack of advancement in digital literacy for the group mentioned above. Another reason could be the deficiency in internet connectivity. It is estimated that 15% of the United States inhabitants lack an internet connection, with the Hispanic and Afro-American population most affected.

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How to pass a job interview and get the job of your dreams

Three experts give you the keys to overcome obstacles in the job interview and get the job you’ve always wanted

A job interview is one of the most stressful processes, along with making a move, final exams, or meet your parents in law. From the moment the meeting is confirmed, thousands of doubts appear, from what clothes to wear to answering each question that the interviewer may ask you.

At Hispanic Workforce, we have been concerned to find the answers to these concerns with the realization of a webinar by three experts in this field. Ernesto Sanchez, Talent Development; Lizette Ibarra, Career Strategist; and Mariana Mancini, Talent Acquisition, have explained the keys that will help you find the job of your dreams.

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In the last 10 years there has been a deep transformation in the area of ​​human talent acquisition in companies; Now, social networks, directories of digital networks, are the new sources of recruitment for organizations, and when this database and tools is combined with the use of technology and Artificial Intelligence, it becomes a new way and process totally transformed in which companies are looking for their talent now, and we, as potential employees, must also evolve.