Legal Consulting

Hispanic Workforce can provide general information and refer clients to resources and specialists to assist them in the following areas:

  • Business Startup Consulting: This service provides guidance to individuals and entrepreneurs looking to start a business, including assistance with business formation, structure, and legal compliance.
  • Business Law Consulting: This service provides legal consulting on a wide range of business law issues, including contracts, commercial transactions, and corporate governance.
  • Contracts Consulting: This service provides assistance in the drafting, negotiating, and reviewing of contracts, including employment contracts, vendor agreements, and service contracts.
  • Succession Planning Consulting: This service provides guidance to businesses and individuals on succession planning, including estate planning, transfer of ownership, and asset protection.
  • Legal Topics Interviews Recorded: This service includes recorded interviews with legal experts on a variety of topics such as start-up, insurance, labor, and corporate entity. These recordings can be used for educational and informational purposes.

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