5 key things to know before moving to the USA

Are you just over your goodbye reunion, ready to take off, and about to start your new journey in the United States?

Whether it is for studying abroad, venturing into a new job, or accepting a promotion; the amount of excitement that it is to take the step into this world full of opportunities can’t mute the worries about what we leave behind or how it is going to be the future that departs us far away from home.

Nonetheless, take a moment to realize that if you were brave enough to make this decision. Thinking of a better future, you are off to a good start. There is no challenge that determination can’t beat.

5 key things you should know before moving to the USA

This article will give you 5 key practices and habits you should know before moving to the USA and you can implement for succeeding in the United States.


 We live in constant change, especially when moving out of our current residency. James Clear states in his book Atomic Habits, “Progress requires unlearning. Becoming the best version of yourself requires you to edit your beliefs and upgrade and expand your identity continuously.”

When struggling to overcome these changes, it would most of the time be because you are attached to your culture, beliefs, and assumptions.

Although you don’t have to change yourself completely, you must listen to others, and you will find at least two or three practices to learn from your peers.


One of the most fundamental steps for assimilation is to be prepared beforehand with your budget plan and immigration documents. Keep in mind that the health system in the United States is very different from the rest of the world. Therefore, it would be a lifesaver to dedicate a budget plan for emergencies. Along with it, make sure you have your immigration status and documents ready and approved before moving. You can visit the U.S. travel website for more information on immigration documents and travel visas.


As the saying goes, “Every mind is its Universe” so every nation, state, and culture since each of them has different ways of seeing the world around us and different laws and regulations for it.

Get informed about the state’s regulations you are moving to in the matter of motor carrier, work licenses, and marriage laws, among others. The following link is a valuable tool to find the laws that concern each state in the U.S., find the one where you are moving to, and get familiar with them.

However, it is not all about laws, norms, and regulations but also about the cultural etiquettes by which the society of each place guides themselves.

Most of the time, the stereotype that is assigned to Hispanic people is that we are always late. Although most people are very responsible, it is essential to realize that in the U.S., time is money, and people will get very annoyed if you are not on time, especially for work matters.

Before you move, try to familiarize yourself with the basic etiquette expected from you when moving.

One helpful tip that is encouraged is that, if you have the opportunity, visit the place you are moving into for a couple of weeks so you can observe it firsthand and find a place where to move.

To find some of the basic etiquettes of the American culture in matters such as tips, visiting, eating, and gift-giving, click here.


Being miles away from home can result in being homesick. For this, you need to create a network of relationships in your new home, if you are moving as an international student, it might be easier for you to make friends at school, but if you are here for any other reason, a good tip is to get involved in different activities to meet new people.

Whether meeting new people at work, practicing a sport, practicing your religion, or giving back to your community, there is always an opportunity to meet new people with the same interests that can make you feel at home away from home. American people are very friendly and easy to talk to; get yourself into the habit of practicing small talk in every place you go, and you will be able to connect to other people.

Remember, you are also always welcome to join as a volunteer with us.

At Hispanic Workforce, you can:

  • Create work experience as a volunteer (highly valued in the business market).
  • Learn new skills and habits while giving back and helping the people of your community.

No matter where you are, it is always essential to keep yourself updated and constantly expand your knowledge and skills; especially in a competitive place like the United States. In 2020, about 37.5 percent of the U.S. population aged 25 and above had graduated from college or another higher education institution.

According to Duffin, If you have graduated from a career in a different country, you should:

  • Look for a way to validate your title of studies;
  • Or lookup for the licenses required for practicing your profession in the United States

This way, it will highly increase your socioeconomic status and income. Even if you have to invest, it will be rewarding.

Another option is to look for online courses and training. You can join our mail subscription for notifications on upcoming training courses!

So, remember these 5 key things you should know before moving to the USA, put them in to action and pursue your dreams.

Finally, as challenging as this process can be, rest assured knowing that our community is here to support each other and provide helpful resources and opportunities for an easier transition.

Even if there is no set-fire formula for success; applying these essential tips can improve your chances of a smooth way to experience living abroad. As it is said, “If nothing changes, nothing is going to change.”

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