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The rapid growth of the technological landscape requires us to enhance digital skills; otherwise, we would miss out on valuable personal and career development tools. This is the case of LinkedIn, a social network created in 2003 to establish connections between professionals. The platform accounts for 260 million active members,mostly university students, and graduates. However, it remains one of the least used networks among people with a basic educational level. This results in different social and economic problems, such as the lack of advancement in digital literacy for the group mentioned above. Another reason could be the deficiency in internet connectivity. It is estimated that 15% of the United States inhabitants lack an internet connection, with the Hispanic and Afro-American population most affected.

In this article, I want to tell you how to approach LinkedIn for the first time and extract the most significant benefit. As mentioned before, this virtual platform works to connect with people who have the same interests as you. In addition, there are good channels to expose your skills talents and find new job opportunities. Its design is friendly and intuitive, similar to the Facebook platform, making navigation easier. To get started, you must understand the following aspects of a LinkedIn Profile:

Profile picture

You must choose a photo that portrays your professional interests. It is recommended that you select an image with good quality in which you can see your face entirely and convey professionalism without being dull. This is an opportunity to be creative as your profile picture will reflect your personality and connect you to those that visit your profile.


Experts recommend making a clear summary of your professional experience; you can include specific skills and achievements. This will help your job profile be more defined and easier to discover.

Create your network

To create your network, we recommend that you follow people, companies, or foundations of your interests. This could be a strategy to get closer to the work field you want to enter. Having your friends, work partners, and managers in your network will play a key role as they will “validate” your work experience.

Skills and Competencies

Enlisting your skills can expand the possibilities of being seen by recruiters or companies searching for new talents. According to the latest figures, 90% of recruiters have an active profile on LinkedIn.

Work Experience

In this field, try to include the most recent years’ most relevant work experience, focusing on achievements obtained during your tenure and assigned responsibilities.

Other recommendations

Pay attention to spelling and typing errors, as this will reflect your professionalism. Also, check that your contact information is spelled correctly and try to be active on the platform as much as possible. In this way, you will be updated on everything in the professional and career field. Once you feel confident, you can start sharing content be selective in the content you share. Remember that someone might be interested in working with you, and your profile is a way to introduce you to this opportunity. 

Finally, you must learn to make meaningful use of the digital world’s multiple tools. You will find much more information on achieving a successful LinkedIn profile on the web. Don’t forget the importance of consulting various sources and learning at your own pace; you need a little bit of curiosity and persistence..

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Sharing is caring!

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