Apprenticeship: The opportunity that can change your career


In short, an apprenticeship is a type of post-secondary study by which a person learns a trade by working directly in the company. They can be dedicated to the skilled trade or the arts. You would dedicate only 20% to study theory and 80% to practice in this modality. You learn by working.

What is apprenticeship?

You have to be tutored by a mentor to teach you the trade during the one to three years that the process will last. You must complete and accumulate a series of hours, and when you pass the exam, you are 100% eligible to work in this area.

These programs are dedicated to what in the United States is called skilled trade. It is all work that requires a solid technical specialization. For example, skilled trade is a plumber, carpenter, or electrician.

What is the difference between apprenticeship and internship:

For Hispanics, the term that most resembles us is an internship. It is what many of us have done at some point in our lives. You begin to gain experience and add your first jobs to your resume.

In the United States, these are two different modalities:

  1. The duration of the contract. An Internship usually lasts three months and apprenticeship between 1-3 years. It is a much more complex formation.
  2. The apprenticeship is much more complete and complex than the internship in terms of structure. It has to have a defined structure, the goals of mastering specific skills, and the students have to have a particular occupation within the company. In contrast, an internship does not always have these characteristics.
  3. Mentorship. The work during the apprenticeship has to be monitored by a professional. It is the way the student is constantly learning and improving. On the other hand, the intern does not always have this characteristic.

Is apprenticeship training paid?

Yes, employers must pay. If you are in an apprenticeship program, you must receive economic remuneration. Apprentices must have the same conditions as peers in similar situations.

Apprentices must register in an official program. Once this is finished, they must sign a registration form describing all the conditions. It is the agreement between the employer and the apprentice.

The employee also receives a monthly diary where he must write down her work and the hours of theoretical study where her progress is graded.

What is a Registered Apprenticeship Program?

We have discussed that apprentices have to sign up for an official program, but what is this?

Each person interested in carrying out an apprenticeship must go to the state government office corresponding to the State where they will carry out this program. This department will issue you with a portable training credential.

Apprenticeship list

These are some of the professions that can be learned through an apprenticeship program:

  1. Millwrights
  2. Creative Venue Technician.
  3. Pulmbers, pipefitters and steamfitters
  4. Glaziers
  5. Boilermakers
  6. Ironworkers
  7. Electricians
  8. Elevator installers and repairers
  9. Masonry workers
  10. Carpenters
  11. Insulation workers, mechanical
  12. Sheet metal workers

In art apprenticeship we have:

  1. Musical instrument repairers and tuners
  2. Furniture Manufacturing.
  3. Library, Information & Archive Services Assistant.
  4. Fashion Studio Assistant.
  5. Organ Builder.
  6. Cultural Heritage Conservation Technician.
What is a skilled trade?

It refers to all jobs requiring a high level of specialization and technical knowledge. These workers are the ones who make sure that houses, businesses, or essential buildings of our lives, such as hospitals, function without problems.

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