Financial Advising

Hispanic Workforce can provide general information and refer clients to resources and specialists to assist them in the following areas:

  • Financial Planning and Analysis: Best practices and how to use it for decision-making.
  • Budgeting: For planning and managing their business and personal finances.
  • Business Cases: Main components of a solid business case and how to develop one.
  • Financial Modeling: Business modeling building and refining of existing models.
  • Capital Sourcing: Orientation on the different options for accessing capital, including loans and investments, and referral to financial institutions and specialized capital providers.
  • Financial Accounting: Orientation on Accounting Principles based bookkeeping and financial reporting to manage the business and compliance with general regulations. 
  • Taxes: Provide general information on tax matters and reference to tax advisors.
  • Insurance: Overview of insurance options and reference to specialized agents.

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