Skilled Trades: The guide to this area of work with a great future

It is called Skilled Trades, and its name has great importance in the American economy. Defines the occupation that requires a high technical specialization and knowledge. They are mechanics, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, etc.

As you can see, they are professions that require a significant specialization. Learning these trades is through “apprenticeship,” a learning modality that combines practical work and theoretical studies in 80% and 20%, respectively. Further down in the post, you will find.

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Apprenticeship: The opportunity that can change your career


In short, an apprenticeship is a type of post-secondary study by which a person learns a trade by working directly in the company. They can be dedicated to the skilled trade or the arts. You would dedicate only 20% to study theory and 80% to practice in this modality. You learn by working.

What is apprenticeship?

You have to be tutored by a mentor to teach you the trade during the one to three years that the process will last. You must complete and accumulate a series of hours, and when you pass the exam, you are 100% eligible to work in this area.

These programs are dedicated to what in the United States is called skilled trade. It is all work that requires a solid technical specialization. For example, skilled trade is a plumber, carpenter, or electrician.

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