In the last 10 years there has been a deep transformation in the area of ​​human talent acquisition in companies; Now, social networks, directories of digital networks, are the new sources of recruitment for organizations, and when this database and tools is combined with the use of technology and Artificial Intelligence, it becomes a new way and process totally transformed in which companies are looking for their talent now, and we, as potential employees, must also evolve.

When we talk about this transformation in the search, selection and recruitment process, we are not talking about special jobs, or focused on technology, but today, companies are using Artificial Intelligence to search for candidates, no matter the salary level, the type of work, or the size of the company.

With technology available to everyone, it enables its use and accelerated spread for this rapid digital transformation of the job search process.

And for you to be successful in your job search, you should work it in three main areas:

  • Search Planning.

Get to know yourself, identify your strengths, your passions, desires, and think about your career plan. However, do not forget to also know the job market, what are the roles or positions that are being sought most frequently, and what is the trend. Remember that we are in an era of an industrial revolution, and most jobs are changing.

When you find the point of intersection between the labor market and the skills that you have, it is time to translate it into a digital resume, which must contain a set of keywords to attract those algorithms from those candidate search engines that organizations are using and be able to earn those opportunities.

  • Direct your search towards recruiting sources.

Know and study the different sources of recruitment, the different digital directories that companies and organizations use. Study the strengths, the specialization of each source, the industries, how their search and selection algorithms work, etc.

  • Prepare your interview.

If you did your homework well in the two previous points, you surely reached this final stage. Success in your interview, and therefore the entire process, will depend on good preparation … you must know the techniques and tips to make an impact in a digital world, where most interviews are done through a screen and remotely, to convey your person, your desires, your strength, and be able to show how you are the right person for the position they are looking for. Avoid the mistake of thinking more about your need than the need you hope to cover. In other words, you should never lose sight of the fact that the other person, who will hire you, has a need and what they are looking for is the best candidate that can meet their need.

Those who prepare properly and who know how to navigate in a digital world are the ones who will have access to the opportunities, and they will not necessarily be the best candidate but the one with the ability to get to the front of the line and this is achieved by knowing how social networks work, how LinkedIn and other recruiting sources work. And preparing yourself, to be able to show that you are the best qualified person to fill the job they are looking for.

Soon we will be offering a seminar at no cost, about how to do a SUCCESSFUL JOB SEARCH IN A DIGITAL WORLD, given by Ernesto Sánchez, which will be divided into the three main sections detailed below:

SESSION 1. PLANNING YOUR JOB SEARCH: Preparing your Bio and a Marketing Strategy (December 10th, 2021 at 12:00 pm CT)

SESSION 2. JOB SOURCES: How to manage LINKEDIN and other on-line sources (January 14th, 2022 at 12:00 pm CT)

SESSION 3. THE INTERVIEW: How to successfully present yourself and your success story. (February 11th, 2022 at 12:00 pm CT)

Ernesto is a Talent Development Expert who currently works at Dow, Inc. as the Global Head of Leadership Center of Excellence. He is responsible for defining the strategy, philosophy, and framework for key Talent and Leadership development for this 38B revenue, 82/100-Fortune Organization.

Ernesto brings more than 20-years of experience from PepsiCo and other Top Corporations, where he made significant contributions to these companies’ business performance by implementing innovative talent development solutions. He holds an MBA and an MS in Leadership Development and a BS in Education. He is also nearing the completion of his Ph. D. in Leadership and Talent Management, finalizing his dissertation to support his practice and vision of developing Better Leaders to build a Better World.      

Ernesto is originally from Mexico City. He is proud to be a successful Latino with a clear commitment to learning and a deep passion for helping others succeed.

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