5 KPIs to monitor to succeed in YouTube

If you have a business, you’ve probably wondered if you should use YouTube as a tool to grow it. Nowadays, we are becoming a society that watches more videos than readings. Instructions, news, workouts, distractions, and more are many applications that make YouTube the second largest search engine globally. More than one billion people visit YouTube per month. . For this reason, you must analyze the possibility of developing content on YouTube to support your company’s marketing strategy. Here you will find 5 KPIs you should consider to succeed on YouTube.

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How to master Google Analytics without paying for courses (Free tools)

It’s like an obligation. If you start a business and open a website, you have to install Google Analytics. “How many unique users? What is your bounce rate?”

Questions come to you as if they speak to you in a completely different language. All you want is to sell more, and you know that is something you must to do. Yes or yes.

And the truth is that Google Analytics allows you to know your audience. A beneficial option in your business is to direct personalized messages to your target.

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