5 KPIs to monitor to succeed in YouTube

If you have a business, you’ve probably wondered if you should use YouTube as a tool to grow it. Nowadays, we are becoming a society that watches more videos than readings. Instructions, news, workouts, distractions, and more are many applications that make YouTube the second largest search engine globally. More than one billion people visit YouTube per month. . For this reason, you must analyze the possibility of developing content on YouTube to support your company’s marketing strategy. Here you will find 5 KPIs you should consider to succeed on YouTube.

However, despite being a potent tool, you need to crack the secret code to reach your customers. Because, at the same time, you are competing with an incredible volume of content… more than 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute; more content is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days, than the top 3 networks in the United States generated in 60 years.

5 KPI to monitor to succeed in YouTube

You must also know the main 5 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you should monitor to adjust your marketing strategy to capture your objectives and succeed on YouTube. And like Google Analytics, YouTube has its Data Analysis tool… however, knowing how to decipher what data, among so many metrics, can be a very overwhelming task, especially since it is not so simple to solve the YouTube algorithm to have better results, since it is a combination of several factors.
This blog will list the main KPIs you should consider when analyzing your channel’s performance.

  1. The number of subscribers and video views

The number of subscribers is the most straightforward metric. You don’t even need access to YouTube Analytics to do this count. This number is a critical factor in predicting the number of people who will see your next video… the statistics show that about 5% of all subscribers will see your video.
Video reproductions count the number of times a video is viewed. It can also count the number of times a video is launched.
Social Blade gives all users access to its database, giving you global analytics for any content creator using advanced technology. Add a channel positioning link where you can see the positioning of the channels for the United States, either by subscribers or by video views: https://socialblade.com/youtube/top/country/us

  1. Average viewing duration/percentage viewed.

These are the most valuable metrics you can consider when monitoring your channel. This metric tells you the level of engagement of your viewers, that is, how long people want to see your content. The longer you manage to catch your viewers, the more valuable your content means. Therefore, your channel will rank higher in YouTube searches and suggested videos.

  1. Traffic sources.

That is, where your YouTube traffic comes from; it can be from user channels, YouTube search, external sources, direct, from the list of suggested videos or playlist page. The source of presented video lists is the primary source of organic traffic.

  1. New Subscribers and Lost Subscribers

You should know how many subscribers you have won in the last quarter, but do not forget to check how many subscribers you have lost. This metric will give you a global view of how effective your overall channel strategy is.

  1. Likes and Shares

You must have an idea of the loyalty of your audience and how committed they are. Know how many likes you have achieved, and, above all, the shares. They are the ones who are committed, they are the ones who have become your sales agents.

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Find step by step how to analyze your channel’s data in detail.

You can see all of these metrics as overall numbers for your channel, and you can also see them in detail for a particular video you’ve posted. You can also know which video has had the most likes and which has the least, make your assessments and draw specific conclusions. Remember that nobody has the perfect recipe for knowing that a video or a strategy will work, but if you can measure it, you can analyze it. If you can analyze it, you can improve it… and that is the perfect recipe for your next video or period… but remember, the world is constantly changing, so in this process, you will have to adjust your new formula for success repeatedly.

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