Environmental consultant: One of the most demand jobs

That the revolution that we are experiencing in the labor sector is gigantic is not something that you will discover now with this post. It is a recurring theme in public conversation, and every day new jobs are found as the most demanded in the future. 

The environmental consultant is breaking into force as one of them, and in this post, you will discover why.

Taking care of nature is part of the social responsibility of companies. According to a study by the consulting firm Nielsen, consumers value very positively that the brand is respectful of the environment.

What is an Environmental consultant?

The Environmental consultant is a professional with studies and work experience in science. He knows how to optimize the company’s resources and the production process of companies to reduce their impact on nature.

How can I become an environmental consultant? Their studies are pharmacy, environmental sciences, chemistry, biotechnology, geology, food science, biopharmacy, biology, biochemistry, or nature-related.

Among its objectives is to work with the company to avoid or minimize the following problems:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Waste of materials
  • Food waste
  • Excessive use of plastic
  • Water waste in the manufacture of products
  • Energy use

What does an environmental consultant do?

Mentorships with the environmental advisor go in the same direction as economic, business, marketing, or other mentorships that a company can hire.

In this case, the professional will focus on the following issues:

Hold meetings with business managers to learn about their needs.

Know in detail how the company works. From the manufacture of the product to the delivery if it exists.

Once the expert knows all the details. It must issue a report and an action plan with objectives and actions to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Follow up over time to find out how the action plan is being developed and answer questions from the company representative.

Meetings with the marketing team to define how to communicate what actions are being carried out.

Is environmental consulting a good job?

It is a different way of approaching science-related studies and, without a doubt, a booming profession that will be increasingly in demand.

The environmental consultant is a specialist in a scientific field that differentiates from other professionals. You have to have many hours of study and a solid specialization to be an expert in these matters.

Therefore, since it is unusual and has little supply, his salary is relatively high due to the imbalance between supply and demand.

Practical analysis “Minimalism brand

As we have seen at the beginning of the post, the brands that seek to reduce their environmental footprint on the planet will be “rewarded” by the public in terms of purchase conversion. 

One of the best cases that linked its branding to a concern for the environment is the Spanish clothing firm “Minimalism Brand”.

Minimalism Brand Hispanic Workforce
environmental consultant

Fashion is one of the most polluting sectors, just making a pair of jeans involves using 7,500 liters of water. The founders of this brand decided to counteract this expense and have applied several actions to balance the carbon footprint.

We explain their actions and how they communicate it:

  1. Minimalism – Another way to do it. How we present ourselves to people says a lot about us, and Minimalism shows its personality from its presentation.

And they explain it below, “Sustainable clothing and accessories for conscious people at affordable prices. We manufacture in Spain and Portugal with organic and recycled fabrics.”

2. Product description. We found that they are manufactured with good quality, which means a longer duration of the product and, therefore, less consumption.

In addition, the description includes the “low impact of this garment” and offers a graphic explanation:

  • 7.4 pounds of CO2 emissions avoided
  • 227.4 gallons of water saved
  • 5.3 kWh of energy saved

The problem of the environment is that we are using a scientific language, how to explain this in a few words? It isn’t easy, and some websites use symbols or words that we do not understand. In this case, everyone can understand what it means to save water and not emit C02 into the atmosphere.

3. Quality products for durability. Cheap is expensive. It is a Spanish saying that if you pay little for a product, do not expect great results in the long term.

Not even short.

At Minimalism Brand, they use suitable materials that give the product more excellent durability, and if a garment lasts a long time, you don’t buy a substitute. Therefore, demand drops and fewer products are manufactured. This action means don’t buy something that you don’t need. 

4. Actions to offset your environmental footprint with tree planting or other activities. The manufacture and delivery of a product have a cost for nature. No matter how much they try to reduce its impact, it cannot reach 0. Therefore, they carry out actions to compensate.

When the order arrives, you can deliver used clothes to be recycled or reused.

5. Transparency section where they describe the reason for these actions.

In short, they summarize all their actions in “3 Rs”: Reduce, recycle and reuse.

Reduce. Their copy insists, “Don’t buy it if you don’t need it.” They closed their website in the worst of the pandemic as e-commerce boomed. They did the same exercise during Black Friday, opting for a different strategy than the other companies.

Recycle. They use recycled materials that can be reused in products and materials.

Reuse. They have a “Zero textile waste” campaign for customers to donate or recycle the clothes they don’t use when buying new clothes.

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