5 secrets to effectively engaging the fast-growing Hispanic population

What are your company’s marketing efforts to engage the Hispanic community?

Today, it is essential to make specific marketing efforts for each market we want to approach. This post will tell you the five secrets to effectively engaging the Hispanic community.

The Hispanic community is currently the largest multicultural sector. It represents 19% of the American population with 63.6 million people. They are one of the fastest-growing population segments with 59% of growth and a purchasing power exceeding $2 trillion in 2021.

We will see some of its behaviors and factors to consider in our marketing efforts.

One of the most frequent mistakes made is to believe that Spanish campaigns are necessary to consider this segment. This idea is wrong since about 68% of the Hispanic population is fully bilingual.

The biggest challenge that marketers have is the linguistic and cultural complexity of the Hispanic market. It has immigrants from Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and many other countries with different values, cultures, behaviors, and dialects. That makes it particularly challenging as specialists must understand when, where, and how to engage the Hispanic market.

This article has gathered some facts and ideas to develop an effective Hispanic marketing plan.

#1 Keep in mind your young public

The Hispanic segment is younger than all other segments and represents a large portion of Gen Z and Millennials. 70% of Hispanic entrepreneurs are under 45 years old. The Hispanic population is great online shoppers with tech skills.

#2 Create exclusive offers, promotions, and discounts

This factor applies to B2B and B2C. Observing a survey of small businesses carried out by Claritas, we were able to inquire that 39% of small businesses consider that discounts and promotions are essential in choosing their suppliers. 

On the other hand, when looking at the most visited internet sites in 30 days, Hispanics tend to search more frequently for discounts, coupons, and offers on eBay and Groupon, RetailMeNot, Craigslist, and coupons.com. 

Taking this into account, we can launch marketing campaigns that incorporate coupons or exclusive promotions within their messages.

#3 Make sure you stay active on social media and get reviews and feedback

Hispanics are 41% more likely to connect with brands through social networks since they are not only using them for entertainment. When looking at the leading social networks, we can see that Hispanics tend to use them above average, especially Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Hispanics use social media 25% more to review products and services, and Hispanic millennials 46% more. 

When we observe their behavior, we can conclude that Hispanics are pretty active on social networks. It is essential to create campaigns to connect and interact with them.

#4 Make sure your company is customer-oriented

Hispanics are a warm and welcoming community. Quality customer service that makes them feel appreciated is essential to them. They value this above average, and when it comes to a B2B, they look for excellent service and flexible contract offers.

#5 Focus on the cities with the highest number of Hispanics

The Hispanic population is concentrated in Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami, Dallas, and Chicago, with more than 2 million Hispanics. On the other hand, we can see robust growth in the Southeast, where Florida is located.

In conclusion, the reality is that the Hispanic market represents a possibility of high growth for brands.The Hispanic community is highly influential and has contributed much to the US economy.

Not addressing it within your marketing strategies would represent a tremendous lost opportunity. We recommend following our tips and considering the Hispanic market more thoroughly, thus understanding their tastes, preferences, behaviors, and interests.

 It will allow you to create more effective marketing campaigns with promotions and messages specific to the wants and needs of your customers.

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